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2002-09-23 23:42:25 (UTC)

monday... Sept 23

Hey. Today nothing much happend so far. After lunch i did
this sweet impression of a bee. To bad sara got really
embarassed and laughed. I guess it resembels taking it up
the ass more than a bee.

I am so incredible tired today. So i dont really have all
that much to say. So we are planning to come home for
Friday night. Should be fun. I cant wait. haha

So like a long time ago, we found this girl fishing in
this wicked shitty scummy pond on campus. Like its so
nasty we actually think that the chemistry building dumps
toxic wastes into it. well anyways. today max found at
there were actually fish in it. and they were big.. haha i
guess i shouldnt laugh at the girl.. fishings cool right?
even if its at like 1 in the morning.....

aww i miss lindsie. but friday i will see her so i am
happy. let me tell you lindsie lou is the cuttest little
baby you will ever see in your life,,,, because she looks
just like me.. i repeat JUST like me... actually poor kid,
it goes way downhill after like 7.

"All I want is for you to be there, when i get home. Cuase
i miss you already. Yeah I miss you. My only request is that
youll be waiting when i get home cause i miss you already.
Yeah i miss you...... your arms the blades."

* so tonight i smoked with Malyssa.. i am really "bent" right now.
so excuse me for leaving. until tomarrow.. ~kathryn

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