Lovin' and losin' forever more
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2001-07-26 17:02:42 (UTC)

Guy from work !!!!!!!

Okay Okay. This dude from my step-dad's work likes me! He
is such a babe !!! He asked my dad if he could take me to
the lake with him, butt my fuckin dad said no. I
practically got on my knee's to make him change his mind.
He probably doesnt wanna see me anymore. Probably thinks i
said no. But i really like him. The only problemS are i
dont know his name and he is 17. And ummm im 13, there is
kinda a diff. there ! My mom said i could go to the movies
with him though. We could do some things in there. Just not
everything i wanted to do. Well gots ta run think its
lightning out. Soooo Love y
Baybe !!!