Jess's Journal
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2002-09-23 22:27:08 (UTC)

ok so here's a lil summin i wrote about me

caring, kind, complicated
who cares about people, boys, the helpless
who loves music, a challenge and taking care of the sick
who feels pain, happiness, and fear
who needs understanding, trust, and faith
who fears diving boards, death and unhappiness
who gives time, love, and patience
who would like to see california at night from the sky,
england, and the land down under
resident of wisconsin

yeah that's it..i had an okay day but friends are the
best...thanks to all those who are ever there for me
Ash- u rock! davey is sooo cute! go u!
Nick- yeah u do too..ur the best! ur gonna always be with me
no matter where u go or how famous u become when u go to the
pros for baseball..remember..our kids are gonna know each
other...maybe they can bond like we did...u know everything
there is to know about me...let's keep it that way.
Peck- I dunno why u even put up with me...seriously...i just
am not me when i talk to u..i don't know what it is
Trish, Kathryn and Sarah- my three buds...even though ur my
cuz's ur most likely the best friends i could ever have and
more like sisters than anything..thanks guys i love ya
Jimmy- hun..i don't know where to start...i'm glad u started
to talk to me..my life has only gotten better :) jaimie's
got a good guy
Tiffers- even though ur psycho ur still good at heart!! :)
thank u hun for everything
Bethy- no more pics of kurt with his shirt off..do ur
parents know??lol i'm j/p.

Anyone else...i still love ya..it's just that i love these
peeps more..lol..no they just stuck to my mind right now..if
u want me to talk about ya...just ask and i'll make one just
for u!! love ya guys.