2002-09-23 19:41:08 (UTC)

Sickz :/

Okay well today I again had to stay home. My tonsils are
swollen from the left side, I have an ear infection on the
left side, my shoulder and leg are swollen from my left
side, and I have the worst head aches ever possible. All of
those things put together mean on thing... OUCH!! No I am
not going to the doctor, most of yah know me very well
already and know that I hate going to the doctor and this
is not going to be an exception. To make things worst I
haven't seen my baby for 5 whole days. I miss him so much.
Everything feels like it is going so wrong but thankfully I
have my babys love and that makes me this happy :) and he
takes my mind away from all the drama in my life and puts a
big smile on my face. Hes changed my life so much and no
one else can change that. Now I am home alone all fucken
sick and to top things off I cant take any pain killers
because I can barely swallow my own damn spit. Today I ewnt
to court, I hate going to court its always so damn packed.
The damn officer at the front door had a very good time
checking me for weapons that damn asswhore. Well I dont
know what else to write there are so many other things that
I have to say but ill write them later.