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2001-07-26 16:04:26 (UTC)

Single Again...

It's odd, I was thinking about dumping Brandon and guess
what, you know it, he dumps me first. Then he doesn't wanna
talk me or even tell me what's going on. He's says he has
problems going on. Then when I ask him if there with me he
doesn't answer. Oh ya on top of that he comes to my home
cuz he doesn't have a house key and his sis was over my
house, ok here it goes, he doesn't say hi to me, he doesn't
even give me a hug. Anyway, he was probably pissed and
tells my sis and his that he'll beat the shit out of them.
Of course I'm like what the fuck, you know that ain't your
right, come on it's mine. Ha Ha. Then I'm like you touch my
sister I'll kill you. (No offense) I think he couldn't
handle me oh well. It was cool while it lasted. Ya, I'll
admit it I still kinda like him. No sappy stuff. But
anyway, you know if he ever wants to hook up in the future
I might consider it. :-) Ya but for now I think it'll be
best if we can even be friends. Anywayz...