Malu Lani

Dear Diary
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2002-09-23 17:37:34 (UTC)

A New Day

Good morning, it is a HOT day in paradise this morning. 90
degrees at 10:15am, REDICULOUS!

Anyway, yesterday wasn't as eventfull as it was supposed to
be. Brad, Anna, Matt and I were supposed to go to South
Mountain to check out the scenery, but I ended up falling
asleep around 2pm or so and yeah....we ended up not going.

I had a dream last night, I told Brad that I loved him.
When I woke up, I was thinking about it, and trying to
decide whether I should or not. Because it makes sense
you know, anything could happen at any moment. What if I
lose him before he ever knows? It would hurt me more if he
were to never know the way I felt about him. But we
haven't even been together for 2 months yet, I really don't
want to seem like a stupid little teenage girl who is
obsessed with an older man. I don't know what the hell to

On the other hand, I am SO sick of working @ Kolby's. I
know I shouldn't really complain since I only work like 20
hours a week, and when I do work, I pretty much....well
don't. But fuck man, $5.15 an hour is NOT paying the
bills. Hopefully Dave can hook me up with the job that he
was talking about. Dave is a customer of mine who works @
a tattoo shop called Body Art. He's the one who did my
tattoo on Friday. Hurt like a motherfucker and he was
laughing the whole time!! He said I did a really good job,
I didn't move much so it allowed him to make really
straight lines. Which was exactly what I was trying to let
him do :) It looks really good though, the tattoo that
is :)

But anyway, Brad is at work right now, and I miss him :(
Haha, though it's only been like 10 hours since the last
time I saw him :) Haha, but anyway. I think I'm going to
play in the tournament at Main Street tonight with Brad and
Lauren. I'm gonna go 2 and out, but hey, can't get better
if I don't play right?

So...yeah, I'm gonna take a shower soon, gotta wash my
tattoo with some dish soap haha....