Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2001-07-26 15:14:27 (UTC)


The thing with ToF is that I wasn't really that into the
guy. He's SUPER nice and not bad looking, but he's not they
one for me and I can't waste any more of our time trying to
become more interested in him. We didn't sleep together and
I think the big hint for me is that I didn't really have
any desire to sleep with the guy so that right there tells
me I'm better off just leaving him alone. Things were good
and all, he called when he said he would (even if he was
late a couple of times) and we always had a nice time
together. He even came over last Sunday before I left and
we did kiss goodnight and stuff, but neither of us
said "I'll call you" and I think we both kinda knew it
wasn't going to go further. If he calls me, that's cool but
I don't plan to go out with him again.

Ran into CPG last week at the bar and was drunk, almost
went over to his house when he invited me but made the
right choice with the support of my friends and resisted!!

This Saturday I might go to the beach with ApK, JiD & MaD.
StC wants to come with her man, MaE so maybe they'll come
too. ApK tells me that MaD is into me and that's cool, he's
super sweet and damned cute too. The problem is he is a
friend of CPG, but I won't let it bug me if he doesn't. I'm
not saying I'll hook up with MaD this weekend or anything,
and being up North most of the time doesn't leave much room
for dating, but who knows we may hit it off and it could
fly from there. Gotta give these things a chance, I can't
predict who'll be Mr.Right so there's no use passing up an
opportunity to hang out with a hottie!!

Anyways, I'm off for the next four days. Couldn't sleep in
this morning though, dammit. I got drunk last night and
left my car in the city, JeG is supposed to drive me in to
get it today. StC & I are gonna get a present for little
MaC who's 4 this Saturday too so that'll be cool.