of little importance
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2002-09-23 16:40:49 (UTC)

they didn't say bless you in church

yesterday in church i sneezed twice and no one said bless
you either time. i was very annoyed. i still am annoyed.
THEY DIDN'T SAY BLESS YOU IN CHURCH!!! people these days
geez. okay yes, i know i need to find something else to
rave about. but it really bothers me.

so i have a rash on my finger and they think it's caused by
my medicine. if so, it's a rash that can cause death.
that's reassuring. death by rash. my finger would start
peeling and it would spread to my hand and then to my arm
and so on until it just overtook my body. but the thing
is, it peels and then blisters form underneath and pop
causing it to peel some more and eventually there's no more
skin. now that sounds like a fun way to die.


it's all good though cause maybe that's not what it is and
if it is then i'll just stop taking that medicine and take
something else. i have to go call my doctor now, so i hope
you all have a wonderful day.