Stary Night

the nightmare befor Christmas
2002-09-23 16:23:05 (UTC)


Sorry I've ben such a loser the last few months. I suck.
I've just been to busy lately. ohh well. I'm still working
at rocky's and i still like my job and the people i work
with. Unfortunatly Fron might be leaving soon. This realy
pisses me off. Soon by the way is in feb. I think time is
elusive thus you can never truly tell if something is to
come to pass 'soon' or 'later'. Time is an uncertanty. I
perfer it that way. usualy fun time goes quickly but that's
for the better. If you spent to much time in that state of
mind it would come to be boring.sorry about that. just a
I decided it would be fun to to wall-mart and get a few
cd's. I'm not realy wall=mart orented, to much child labor,
but ohh well. I like to evry once in a while go and buy
cd's by bands that I've never heard of befor. Broaden the
old horizens. which by the way is getting harder and harder
to do. with music any way. I ended up getting seven nations
and sinch. As it turnes out I have heard music by sinch,
via radio and what not. i think I've heard of seven nations
co workers. We're all pretty weird.
that's all for now,