Day to Day
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2001-07-26 14:49:50 (UTC)

Blah Blah Blah

man, I think this job is gonna make me insane, I have to be
here like 6 1/2 hours, doing nothing, absolutely NOTHING!
but whatever, I guess back to the inevitable subject of the
moment, Jeff. He's going to make me go insane too.
Yesterday he left me a message that said: "Hey, it's Jeff,
sorry I didn't call u back last night, I fell asleep, I'll
be home all day so give me a call." Ok, ne comments? He
hates answering machines, it is actually funny when he does
leave a message b/c he sounds all scared and he makes it
short and to the point, but whatever.
My dad is trying to make me have dinner with his side of
the family tonight, which I am about to refuse to do! We
just had a family reunion, so everybody came in from other
parts of the country and I basically already had to spend a
whole weekend with them. They r like the damn Brady Bunch,
don't get me wrong, I like the Brady Bunch just not for my
own family. We are talking these people are law-abiding,
upper-class, outstanding, religous people. It is crazy, it
is like pleasantville. Newayz, before I went to dinner on
Sunday, I smoked a fat joint, the car ride is like 45
minutes and I was baked! The only bad part was I started
tweeking out at dinner. They had to know I was fucked up, I
ate like a pig and then left before neone had the chance to
start some shitty family conversation. I know it was
probably rude but I was just looking out for my well-being,
had I gone sober, I probably would have had a nervous
breakdown. So before I go tonight I plan on getting baked
Speaking of, I had to make my own bowl last night, out of a
water bottle. I was at the point where I had weed but not
enough for a joint. I hate when it gets to that point. I
think I might buy a new pipe this weekend. But I already
planned on buying an ounce so that might have to be
postponed. I smoke way too much, but it contributes to my
happiness and well being.
uummmm, hot guy that works across the street just came in,
be right back . . . ok, name is Shane, looks older, but hey
now I can fantasize about someone other than Jeff, haha.
I'll write later. -brit