Life according to Luvie..
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2002-09-23 15:29:56 (UTC)

This is about Jaime...

Dear Diary,
Oh my God!!! Jaime and me got high at my party. Which
turned out to suck but was better when I was with Jaime. He
is soooo cute. We were lying down on the couch watching
Kung Pow. I got cold and told him to hug me. Then we
started playing with our fingers. So sweet. I really like

Next thing you know we were looking into each other's eyes,
and I had to bust some moves. I rub my nose against his and
kissed his eyebrow and cheek. That's when *gasp* it
happened. We kissed and made out for about two hours. I
really like him but he's my bro's best friend. Oh well.

*sighs* I wish I didn't love Charlie so much. I wish I
didn't care about his feelings. If I didn't, I'd be with
Jaime once my bro gave me the okay. But whatever. It's all
just there waiting to come undone. Jaime...not the greatest
anything..but hella sweet.

An ego booster. I have no intention of being with him
officially. He's just there. We act like a couple on the
phone, in person *to a point*, and we hug. Awe. But I don't
want anything from him in that way. Messing around is okay.
I hate myself for it.

I was with Ramos on Friday before I was with Jaime. We made
out and kissed. I would have gone around with him, but he
said..."We'll never see each other." Which is true. We go
to different high schools. So laaaa!!! I really didn't like
how he kissed either. Eeek!! Aaack!! I better go. I feel
like a whore and I still love Charlie!!
Love always,

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