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2001-07-26 14:26:08 (UTC)

i do be, i do be de prettiest girl

okey i got taht from the movie Gia..
ive been really tight with my time the past few days hence
why i havent been writing so much although my mind is
constantly boggled down with so many things. sometimes
itgets to.. stuffy. if you noe what i mean.
things... things are pretty fine. 'on the outside dat is.
maybe on the inside but maybe we'll never noe. studying is
a proven cause for brain wrecking. im a living example.
im off de diet for awhile but dat doesnt mean i wont get
back to it. shesh.

im goin. goin to think. and when i think its not gonna be
good. you noe sometimes you think of stuffs u dont even noe
about. people call it paranoia. yeah. im paranoid.
sensitive aND emotional. words from de ever helpful kind
caring partners of mine.. my classmates. boing boing.

damnit mdm khoo de bitch. hell liew and may tan. may all of
you get knocked down by a timber lorry. only then will i be
satisfied. hell what people say about us. fous le camp
annisa muchtar and all the
rest 'ohithinkimsosuperiosbitches'....
may u all live in misery.