girl, interrupted
2002-09-23 12:04:49 (UTC)

Margot Staggering to a drunken..


Staggering to a drunken grave
She inflicts humiliation, shame,
Wasting dreams with her fiery lies
Embalming a child into darkness
Enticing a starving soul further to suicide
A cold white fire, down tracks scarred bright
Don’t try to fight it; you just have to accept
She has her allies
They’ll get you one day
No escape for you now.


Seducing you to play his game
Just one more time
He too may never let you free
Lips and hands on your body
They once protected you
Now they are hurting you
You feel motionless, your power gone
Flown as fast as your innocence
Tears no longer stream down your soft cheeks,
It won’t stop him, crying is for babies,
And you’re a big girl now.