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2001-07-26 14:17:41 (UTC)

situating things.

i have two choices to make.
in the end its all really just a yes or no.
on both.

i hate my father.
sometimes i seriously ask myself how far he thinks he can
push me.
one day hell find out.

yes or no. yes or no.
thats all its about.
how selfish am i?
and how much do i really care
about anyone.

i love the smiths.
i hate stupid people downtown.
oh IM SO COOL for coming downtown and wearing punk rock
clothing and going to stupid little places that are always
the fucking same and all the same people are always there.
and they are all soooo different that they all look the
same. ahhhhh. i need sleep. i hate this morning. i wake up
EARLY to get BITCHED at. lol. whatever world. whatever dad.
whatever fucking shit. im leaving fuck this. im leaving
after my birthday. you know. i was going to deal with it
for awhile but FUCK this. fuck it. what exactly do you
expect me to do? what. youll yell at me if i leave, and
yell at me if i stay. so taking that into consideration.
what do you HONESTLY think would be the more healthy choice
in my situation. i know im just a fucking stupid lesbian
bitch to you. so i dont understand why you even care. maybe
because pretty soon ill have the legal right to do what the
fuck i want. and you cant handle that lack of control? or
maybe because under it all you really truely love me. lol.
yeah im going with the first one...

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