Loved Bie 2

LoVeD BiE 2
2001-01-20 22:49:47 (UTC)

1/20/01 Well, hello.... This is..


Well, hello.... This is my first Diary entry. I guess
this is my own space. I should really name you, but I

But anyway, I just recently started talking to Mandie,
again. Yeah, she really turned me on yesterday night (I
know I'm a grl and all but...). She's really pretty and I
do indeed find myself thinking about her. :)

Matt broke up with me 1/18/01. He said we needed some time
to think about what we both are going through. Which
indeed I am going through more than he is. He also said no
matter what happens we will always be good friends. :)
I really love him!

What else should I tell you? I feel really stupid doing
this, too. But it's a good way to get all this stuff out.

- Bie bie -