What if this is as good as it gets?
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2001-07-26 13:06:07 (UTC)

A diary......mmmm....

OK, well I've always wanted to do this, but suffer from
writers cramp, that's why most of my songs consist of 10
lines maximum. heh heh....

Still it's worth giving it a try. I'll probably miss out
weeks at a time, what seemes like a great idea today, gets
forgotten tomorrow. A fault of mine? Maybe, but then we are
what we are....

I'll start the diary for the benefit of outside readers, as
I made this public. Feel free to mail me, I'm a miserable
so-and-so to most people because I tend to be surrounded by
others that "want something" rather than people who
contribute to me.

You know what I mean? Those phone calls....hundreds, that
don't ask you how you are, or just a general "What's
happening matey?", but a ...."How are you.....mmm.mmmm..
(bored)....thats the reason why I
called....would you do me a favour........"....oh please.

So that's why people who meet me say...."I don't like
him...." but I break friends only with people that try to
take advantage of me. I've been ripped off monetarily by so
called "freinds". Consequently, they dislike me, because I
caught them.

So, I tend to surround myself by people I really love. My
fianceé Lisa and my best mate Ron.

There are others and I'll introduce them as I go, but I
have to stress, I can't use real names here ever. I want to
vent some stuff and make a real diary and because I'll be
talking some business, and about my very private life, I'll
have to keep my identity as secret as I can.

I'm no real bigshot songwriter, but my songs are
everywhere. I have had reasonable success, and continue to
do so as you'll read, but you wont know me. My songs
generate a fair income, and it's nice to see my work right
around the world. Again, all this will have to kept a bit
quiet, simply bcause if my business "aquaintances" were to
read this and see who I am, they'd have a field day.

So, welcome to my diary. If you do read this, then thank
you. I hope it will be interesting. My musical career
should make an interesting read. I'm currently finalising
an album for release in Japan, I run music websites, and
there's always something going on.


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