Daily Rants
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2002-09-23 05:00:56 (UTC)

Back to School

Finally, back! No more having to say 'yep, K starts late -
we're on the quarter system' Downside, is of course,
classes which start tomorrow.

Plus side is of course, seeing people again. Steve grew a
foot, Joclyn has super long gorgeous hair, Patty is buff
from a summer a rafting, Tim and Ben actually look clean
shaven and respectable. Craziness.

The room is lovely and spacious, even though my bed is
somewhat precarious. Must take it easy when Mike gets
here. *sigh* The decorating scheme is slight odd. Has a
definite feminine touch, with lots of fabric and pillows.
Yet TV and N64 are focal point of the room.

Ooh, Bonus: Got Lilo and Stitch as well as Ocean's 11 on a
cd from Andrea. Lovely girl was even willing to trade
sexual favors for Jimmy Johns (though I suspect it might
have been due to the boyfriend's presence)