2002-09-23 04:39:20 (UTC)

First Page Ü

Hello Ü Umm, Well This is my First page of My open diary.
I would tell You a little about myself, But I'm not really
that Interesting. My name I Savannah. I don't like my name
at all. It has no Meaning and I hate when People say it.

Something Interesting about me though is That I am a
Poet. I love to write, and I am good at it. It is my
Passion. Another thing about writing is that when I do it,
It takes me away from everything else in the world. I'm not
ever that happy, but I am when I write. So that is why I do
it all the time. This Is one of my Favorite Poems that I
have written:
*Hey Savannah
Remember me?
I'm that girl
You used to be*
Actually no
I don't think I do
I smashed my mirror
So I wouldn't have to look at you
*Who are you?
And where have you gone?
Don't you miss me?
We've been apart so long...*
I'm a bloody papercut
I bleed my pain into the world
You can't stop my blood
You can't stop the rush of this girl
*But don't you remember?
How we used to be?
Together as one
Just you and me*
Go away I don't know you
I shut you out for a reason
Go away I don't wanna see you
I'll never be that again
*Silly girl, you're so wrong
You know I'll take over again
I promised you happiness
And to take away your pain*
That's not what you did
You broke that promise you made
Insead you threw me around
And made me fill with hate
*I will take you back under
Into the emptiness inside
Come back here girl
There's nowhere to hide*
No, I won't go back
You're not me anymore
I've gotten rid of you
I've shut and locked that door
*But did you forget?
I'm inside you, right here
I'll always be here
And I'll be your fear*
One Of my very Favorites, But it may sound a little
weird to you. But that's okay. I on;y write for me.
Omgoodness, I am like totaly in love with this guy. His
name is Jacob and I really really Like him alot. I dunno If
he likes me though. Probably Not because I am not likeable.
I don't really have that many friends. And the friends I do
have don't like me that much. So I don't think you could
really call them friends. I wrote this Poem about Jacob:
Lately I haven't been myself but I don't even know
who myself is and I find myself liking Someone that I
never dreamed I would because he is to the extream of
what I want and I think I need I need a Person that
treats me like the girl I am and I want someone to
sweep me off myfeet and hold me not drop me after a
little while.

I have only know this Guy for a short time. But I really
do think I am falling in love with him. I don't know why
though. He is like totaly not the type of person I would be
interested in. But I can't help who I love.

I think I am going to go now.