My Personal struggle
2001-07-26 11:46:45 (UTC)

4th week and going strong

well i have now lost 5 kilos in four weeks, i am so happy.
Stewart is so proud of me as well, he told me the other day
he thinks I am wonderful.That was the best thing he could
have said. he always seems to know when i need to hear
something special, it always boosts my confidence.

Emma is doing well and i am constantly amazed by her little
personality, she is speaking in sentences really well now,
she loves animals and singing. Her dancing is also
improving, she goes to tap and ballett lessons every
Saturday and then i do my tap lesson after her.

her favourite things at the moment are singing, dancing,
drawing and of course animals, she has loved all sorts of
animals for a long time now.

i have started to think about filing for divorce as Shane
and I have been seperated for nearly a year now. I am also
considering going for sole custody, with Shane having
visitation rights, the same as he does now, just making it
all legal.

Well thats all for my entry today, leaving you in a happy
and healthy mood, very much in Love and enjoying my
daughter as she grows up.