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2002-09-23 02:42:06 (UTC)


so... you all know how i am not supposed to take
mom's poverty van on long excursions such as the half
hour trek to galena... or to bo's house... yeah... i honestly have not
followed that rule at all... i thought my ma was
oblivious... i bet she still is... but ok: here's the story: i
went over to amanda's house yesterday to do her hair
for homecoming - it looked great - but i had trouble
getting out of the driveway with my ma's big ass piece
of shit... it was funny! yeah... apparently mr. weide
doesn't know enough not to tell my ma... it was tragic! i
am so glad we were in church and my ma had baby
alexis when mr. weide decides to make fun of my
attempts to exit his drive way - nice, job... almost took
out the lamp post before you got stuck in the ditch - a
bit of an exaggeration... but i think she got the drift... i
was so scared i wouldn't live much past us leaving the
church premises! but i guess this story has a good
ending... it's funny how understanding mom can be
when dad's not around... but yeah... she didn't say
anything .... so i apologized after we were in the car a
while... i felt so bad - i think that was her goal! - so she
acted all - knowing: - i was wondering when you were
gonna tell me - i said it was last - minute and such...
she gave me a kind lecture - mind you, this doesn't
happen often - and said she was glad i fessed up...
best part: - i got to take bo all the way home this
afternoon! - gosh, if only it was that easy all the time!