2001-01-20 21:23:31 (UTC)


Hey. It's me again. Well, I haven't been doing much lately
except for studying for the finals which begin on the 24th.
I think I'll do pretty good. You know what Nicole, my so-
called "friend" did? I told her something that I didn't
want her to tall anyone, and then she goes and tells her
mom, who then tells my mom. What a friend. And that's not
the first time she's done something bad like that to me. A
couple of months ago this boy named Will liked me or
whatever. The next thing I knew they started going out.
That really didn't upset me, though, because he went out
with my other friend Dessie, so I wasn't going to get with
him anyway. I can't believe she tells her mom things that I
don't wat her to tell anyone. And her and my mom are close,
so if she tells my om something that I said, her mom is
going to go tell my mom. That's why Will is cheating on her
with her best friend Tyesha. And when I say cheating, I
mean cheating (I guess that's pretty self-explanitory). I'm
not going to tell her either. I'm going to let him break
her heart. She's so sprung over him. It's like she's afraid
that he's going to dump her. She tries to be perfect for
him and she won't be herself. He has her in check. But
that's her problem. You know what else is wrong? When Will
liked me, I was going to have Nicole go out with his
brother, Dallas. So, they were talking for like a month,
and then all of a sudden she starts liking Will and starts
going out with him. If she liked Will in the first place,
why did she start talking to Dallas? You know what I think?
I think that b*tch is a ho, that's what I think. And last
night Dallas and I were talking on the phone about how you
can never trust her with secrets because she has a big ass
mouth. And on Monday I went to Disneyland with her, her
family, and my family. Her mom has a big ass mouth too.
Ugh, they make me mad!