Blind My Eyes
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2002-09-23 02:12:45 (UTC)

sept 22

ok, i am making a total jackass out of myself!! i'm talking
to jake and i have like nothing to say, and i feel so
stupid. i resorted to talking about my freaking creative
writing homework...i have Never been like this with anyone.
i'm becoming really really pathetic!!!
he told me he'd be back in a few. if he doesn't message me
i swear i'm gonna cry all night!!! why the hell do i like
ppl? ahh, any way.
spirit week is this week, i can't wait. i don't kno who i'm
going to dress up as for famous person day tho. any ideas,
e-mail me at [email protected] please!
homecoming is this saturday. brian is working over just to
pay for everything... he's prolly the sweetest person out
of all his friends. they are just players... i think!
i felt like i'd ruin trish's b-day party if i let everyone
see me crying, so i went into her room and pretended to be
watching a movie, and it worked till nikki came in and saw
me bawlin my eyes out... thank god for that girl.
i need to stop crying so much tho... i feel like such a
baby, but damn. bein 16 really sucks the major ass.
poor hannah doesn't kno what to do... she loves todd, but
she's afraid he's gonna hurt her again... i really wish i
could help her, but i don't kno how i could.
and as far as julie goes, that girl is gonna end up dead. i
swear. her fiance always hits her and shit and he gives the
dog (huge german shepard) treats when it bites her... she's
gonna end up the torn straight apart from that thing.
jake still hasn't messaged me... i'm gonna go cry now...