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2001-07-26 07:35:29 (UTC)

26/07/01 - 5:37PM

Still at work... so much happening... just been flat out
all day, have barely had time to chat and check emails

I am still all fluey if that is a work, fuck it if it's
not. And I should probably still be in bed! But it cannot
be helped, this project is really important to the company
and will mean a whole shitload of new business if it goes
well tomorrow. Hopefully that means I get to relax a little
tomorrow, that would be good. At least I DID get a break
for lunch today, unlike last week... bloody macca's again
though... so easy.. so quick.

I got flowers yesterday *grin* Thanks Tom... no i will not
call you a stalker in my diary. Flowers all the way from
the US to Australia instantly.. ins't technology great?
They really brightened my day...

Blah blah blah I guess...

Men suck... well the ones you get involved with do, friends
a the best! I am so pissed off at a few of them at the
moment! Fuck them for fuckeing around great girls...

Well anyways enough of my dribbling shit... more cutting
and pasting to do before I go home... wish it was clag I
could pretend I was in primary shool and eat it
surreptitiously behind my artwork *grin*


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