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2002-09-23 00:51:04 (UTC)

Sunday of the Cell Phone

Hey OMG youll never believe what just happend.... Tom
brought me up my cell phone. I guess I left it in Brian
and Greggs room last night. UGH this is the best thing. I
actually screamed and kissed the phone. I missed it so.

Dan, Matty and Ben left at like 1. And after that i
basically just hung around and did some school work and
laundry.. ok the midget calld 3 times already.. let me

Last night, i kinda was thinking about stuff, and i ended
up sitting outside writing for 2 hours. I write things to
the people i dont talk to, because i know i cant really
see them, or talk to them, and i feel like when i write,
the weight is lifted.

Dan and I were talking about a certain someone tonight.
And i Mean i am still totally hurt by this person. They
took a part of me based of stupid lies. It was my fault
though, and i blame myself. I blame myself everyday. And
its actually killing me cause its so not who i want to be.
And it messed up so much, that meant so much to me. ugh.
I'd do anything to change the past. But i cant. so i go on.