the ups and downs of my life
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2002-09-23 00:37:28 (UTC)

weekend with casi

casi spent saturday night with me. we went to the pizza
place and were checking out these 4 of them was
hott. i went to throw out trash 4 times to look at them
lol. they didnt notice thought cuase they were outside and
i was inside. lol tan i went to khols and wanted to but
this corduoroy jacket but my dad wouldnt let me get it and
i was mad. we went to other stores but like i didnt find
anything else i liked..i want that coat..grrrrrr

then we rented PANIC ROOM i liked that movie it was
really good. i will watch it agin before it has to go back.

we were going to see movie in the theater but casi had to
leave in the morning. so i will have to go to the movies
someother time

well im talking to this guy from sweden on icq right now
an dstuff is so different out there. they only get 10 yrs
in prison for murder and they get payed 11 a month to go
to school!!!! and they have to learn islam in school.
anyways...i dont have school tomorow...