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My Affairs with MARRIED WOMEN
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2002-09-22 23:35:06 (UTC)

Secret Affairs with Married Women Section 1 Part H

I recieved a e-mail from a 32 year old Married female in
England inquiring about my sexual abitilies! This is a
fair question, A female is far more sexual than any man
and is sexually superior to males in than a female can not
only have multiple orgasms, but various types and kinds of
orgasms. Us dumb horny males only have one big orgasm
causing us to shoot out semen and sperm! Usually in most
cases duringg sex with a guy cums, the party is just
getting started with the female having her orgasm only to
have the guy quit after getting his nut!

The Married women I am seeing love the second effort I
give them just because I got a nut doesn't mean sex is
over, not hardly! This is why I have sex toys as back up
to give every woman as many orgasms as she can stand and
take, also it make me feel so good making a woman orgasm
and watching her cum and howl out as she does! Every
female is different and has her on limits to how much she
can stand and take. I simple assure each reach her limit.
That is what I would want a man to do if I was a woman!
Besides I think women are so very special and wonderful!

Now back to Holly! She is moving in with me. I gave her,
her first warm sexual enema as we fucked. As she
approached orgasm I would slowly let the warm soapy water
flow into her which enhanced her orgasms then after she
cummed stop the enema and continue my rhythmic stroking of
my cock. As I felt myself wanting to cum I did and
continued stroking her driving her wild with orgasms.
After a hour and a half I was pooped and wore out! But I
was just getting started.

After Holly emptying her bowels, I asked her if I can try
to fist her. She told me yes but didn't want me to hurt
her. I didn't want to hurt her either. With my hand and
her pussy greased up with vaseline I worked one, two,
three, then four fingers in her telling her to relax and
enjoy what I was doing. It took a while but finally her
vagina relaxed and my hand slipped inside her. Holly let
out a soulful loud howl only a woman makes in great
pleasure. I asked her if it felt good? She nodded then
said, "Please don't take out your hand it feels so

Slowly I would make a fist then open my hand in her
causing her to scream out in orgasm. Then her pussy would
crank down hard on my hand squeezing it. I am totally
amazed how muscular and strong a woman's vagina can be
I went slow and took my time with Holly as she flopped all
over my bed after about thirty minutes my hand was getting
tired and her pussy muscles were really doing a job on my
hand. With a finger I found her cervix and slowly massaged
it which would cause her to moan in more pleasure.

Now getting my hand out took a while. A women sort of has
to give birth to release my hand otherwise IT AIN'T
COMMING OUT! I rubbed her tummy and told her to relax and
push. She had never had to "push" and didn't know how. I
told her to use her tummy muscles and slowly she gave
birth to my hand sort and wore out. She grabbed me and
hugged and kissed me madly telling me that was to most
wonderful thing she had ever experinced, but was sore down

I drew some hot steamy water in the bathtub and gave her a
bubble bath told her to just soak and if she has to pee to
go ahead. Holly told me she had never had a man do such
things with her. I told her I am simple a man who enjoys
giving pleasure to women. I also found she is bi-sexual
and told her she will enjoy the married women who I am
seeing. Their all bi!

After a hour sitting in the tub and talking we then took a
shower together and I dried her off and let her get some

More Later


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