molly the undead

you THINK you know...and you probably do
2002-09-22 22:17:08 (UTC)

Sunday, 9/22/02

Today me and jodie went to the mall to get our homecoming
dresses. We met up with a whole bunch of people. It was a
good time. Max and john helped us look for a little while,
but we didn't find anything. So we spent the rest of the
time making weird faces in the sticker machine. Hahaha, i
saw this crazy old woman in a wheelchair, dressed in a
straw hat and mumu. She was drooling on herself. I wanted
to BE her. Or at least get my picture taken with her. But i
doubt she was coherent enough for conversation. When i got
home, i dug some horrible dress out of my closet that
mother bought for me when i was about 14, and took a weed
whacker to it. Homecoming dress: check.

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