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2002-09-22 22:03:14 (UTC)

i claim my freedom.

so what IS up with boys in thugged the fuck out cars that
cant fucking drive. that get on my ass. drive with one arm
entirely stretched out. and cant seem to manage to not
cross the center line. like them seeing the car thats in
front of ME is going to make it move faster. or make ME
move faster for that matter.
what exactly is up with that.
rah and grr towards them all.

i worked today. with rachel again. i work with her all the
times i work next week. fun stuff man.


im incedibly sleepy.

shawn came over last night after i was already in bed. it
was cute though. so we talked for awhile and he left.

i survived the first night alone in my house.


yeah. so thats about it.

time to study some more.

elderly oriental women should not buy lube. nope.

im thinking again about getting a new diary. too many
people read this and im realizing that its getting harder
and harder for me to really open up in here. and seeing as
how this and my other journal are my only real outlet
nowadays. and i filled the "real" one up. im thinking its
probably about time i do that. a year and a half in this
one though...itll be hard to part with. but, im getting
good at that.

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