kurt is the man

this is my life
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2001-07-26 05:43:07 (UTC)

so sore

today i woke up around 1:30, got on the comp for about 30
minutes and then went to the high school to run a mile.
came home and ate some lunch then i went skating with some
friends at the park.i was ripping shit up.i skated for
about 4 hours.while i was there i started talking with a
few friends i havent seen in forever. well i got some good
filming done today, a couple 360 flips and a huge frontside
flip.well thats about all i did today, im going skating
tomorrow from about 1 till 9. i figure thats good enough
time to skate. well thats all i got to say for now, ill be
back tomorrow night when im done skating

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