Danny's Crazy Mind
2002-09-22 19:20:33 (UTC)

Starting today...

Ok so I started this online diary thing last year but
completely neglected it. Now that Joe is gone, I figure
that I should keep this that way he can see whats on my
mind too since he's so far away! It's a pretty boring
Sunday afternoon, and I just got back from Times Square for
the Broadway Thrift sale. I bought an original cast
Playbill from RENT and a picture of Manley Pope and Simone
as Roger and Mimi. I can't believe Joe is gone. For a while
I convinced myself that he wouldn't actually go or that he
was just joking about going. Now that he's gone, I find
myself bored most of the time. He's only been gone for two
days, but I've been pretty miserable despite what I tell
everyone. I did however find ways to occupy my time. On
Friday and Saturday afternoon, I went to the library for a
while to read and do some work. Surprisingly enough I was
able to do a lot there. I started reading the book that Joe
got me called "A Boy's Own Story." So far, it's really
interesting to read -and- of course I found some way to
think about how it relates to my life. Joe, if you're
reading this I've marked some pages that I think are pretty
relevant to me. I'll let you know which pages if you ever
get around to emailing me. Well I better get going since I
have Glee Club in a little bit.

"I really do feel that I'm dying.
I really do feel that I'm dead.
I saw it in your eyes what I'm lookin' for.
I saw it in your eyes what'll make me live."

--but your eyes aren't here to make me live--