Dark Thoughts
2001-07-26 05:32:11 (UTC)

Rage, Revenge, Lust and all the other Goodies of Life

Ever want somebody so badly you couldn't eat, sleep, think,
work? Have you ever been consumed by the need to be near
someone, to the point of wanting to "stalk" them? Do you
know the true meaning of the "green-eyed monster"? Do you
understand the feeling of "being one" with another? Have
you lost your loved ones, not one, but ones?

Have you ever tasted the blood of revenge.....sweet tasting
nectar? Felt the power that comes with ruining another?
Have you felt the ecstasy of "winning"? The way it rolls
over you and gives meaning to all your schemeing? How sweet
it feels to destroy the other and know it was you..?

Ever feel so mad, you feel you could honestly hurt
anything, or anyone around you? Ever deal with losing your
temper at every little thing, to the point to where it
escalates to out of your control? Ever done anything mean
and get joy out of it, enjoy it? Ever do anything really
stupid, even though you knew all the risks, and someone
else got hurt? Ever hate the look of someone so much so,
you just wanted to hit them or hated them for it? Have you
dealt with the guilt of having such anger?

Have you felt any of the two first paragraphs? If so, then
you feel the third.....