Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-09-22 15:52:58 (UTC)

Sappy Matt

I saw the opera this Friday and I thought it was great. I
have a huge respect for what they do and even though I
would never do any of that sort of art(though my dad did)I
think it's amazing how similar all types of music are and
it helps me appreciate different things more. I also just
spent some quality time with my friends. I think some of
the best times in life is hanging out with your friends and
realizing they love you and you love them no matter how
stupid you are. Which also leads me to point out I am one
lucky guy...God has blessed me not only with an amazing
talent of writing music....but he had to add on top of that
the most amazing band. Each of the guys I play with make up
who Pacifico is and compliment what I want and where I feel
the music should go. 99% of the time we just play and don't
discuss what we think needs to happen here or there. And
Everytime theres a new song or experience I want nothing
more than to share it with them and have them help me shape
it into a beautiful masterpiece. I don't think I ever want
to be onstage with any other 4 guys. I feel like "this is
finnally who Pacifico is" and I never could be happier. I
can't wait to conquer the world.