2001-07-26 05:24:05 (UTC)

Yeah...i did pretty much..

Yeah...i did pretty much nothing today...talked to
babylatina and crunkedupgizmo again...

Z3548: hey girl
Koul tshik: hey
Z3548: wassup
Koul tshik: nm, u?
Z3548: nuttin
Z3548: couldnt sleep last night
Koul tshik: that sux
Z3548: yup i know
Z3548: i was so bored
Koul tshik: u get my e-mail?
Z3548: no didnt check mail but i will brb
Koul tshik: kk
Z3548: that was really cool
Koul tshik: i was tryin to get the dress as close as i
could to the one in ur pic
Z3548: u did a good job
Koul tshik: thanx
Z3548: np
Z3548: so what did u do today
Koul tshik: nothin really...just made a few dolls
Z3548: kool
Koul tshik: how bout u?
Z3548: nuttin slept til 5:00 again
Z3548: then got online
Z3548: too late in the day to do anything
Z3548: but i am goin shopping a a while wit my mom
Koul tshik: hehe i do that a lot
Z3548: sleep late?
Koul tshik: yeah
Z3548: a perv was buggin me last night but he is gone now
Koul tshik: brb
Z3548: ok
Z3548: sorry i am gonna log off and then log back on my
comp is being gay so brb
Z3548: hi again
Koul tshik: hey
Z3548: sry bout that
Koul tshik: np
Z3548: ok
Z3548: what is crunks real name?
Koul tshik: umm....i have no clue
Z3548: at least u know luv=timmy
Koul tshik: yup MY timmy lol :-P
Koul tshik: i wish...
Z3548: :P back at u
Z3548: at least u have someone who likes u
Z3548: i'm jealouse
Koul tshik: whatever
Z3548: :I
Z3548: :o
Koul tshik: but ur prettier than me so guys like u more
Z3548: no i aint
Z3548: i know i aint
Koul tshik: yes u r
Z3548: u lie so bad
Koul tshik: i'm not lyin tho
Z3548: uh hu
Z3548: u r so prettier than me
Koul tshik: am not
Z3548: i am lookin at your profile and your personal
quote calls u beautiful
Z3548: so :P
Koul tshik: it may say that, but i'm not
Z3548: why would u put it if u didnt believe it
Koul tshik: cuz i like it
Z3548: whatever
Koul tshik: fine, i'll change it
Z3548: no u r beautiful
Koul tshik: no i'm not
Z3548: whatever dont lie
Koul tshik: changed it
Koul tshik: i'm not
Z3548: (i hope u aint takin this the wrong way)
Z3548: jk
Z3548: hehe
Koul tshik: lol
Z3548: there is nobody online right now
Z3548: i guess they all come out at night
Koul tshik: mom wants the computer
Z3548: u gonna give it to her
Koul tshik: well, if i don't i won't be gettin my new
Z3548: oh well then cya later
Koul tshik: sorry, bye
Z3548: ok bye

Koul tshik: hey
CrunkedupGizmo: waz up
Koul tshik: nm, u?
CrunkedupGizmo: just chillin checkin my email from all
the places i have it at
Koul tshik: kool
CrunkedupGizmo: this girl aint logged on
Koul tshik: who?
CrunkedupGizmo: BABY
Koul tshik: o, i talked to her earlier
CrunkedupGizmo: SO SHE WAS ON
Koul tshik: yup
Koul tshik: i don't remember
CrunkedupGizmo: U SUX THEN
CrunkedupGizmo: JK
Koul tshik: :-P
CrunkedupGizmo: LOL
Koul tshik: wanna know a secret?
CrunkedupGizmo: WHAT
Koul tshik: i iz a dork

Yeah blah blah blah.....we talked more, but i lost the rest...he
confused me tho...alwell, laterz!