Oh,The Insanity
2002-09-22 15:40:57 (UTC)

The Ending of An Era and the Turning of a Page...

Last night was Adam's birthday party, and was not as bad as
I thought it would be. Yes, there were a few times when
all I wanted to do was crawl up in a ball and die, but that
wasn't because of him and I'm sure the rest wanted to as
well. Alicia is cool cuz you can tell she only wants him
as a friend. She was really nice on the way up and paid for
a full tank of gas. Hm..weird. Then there's Sarah, who
seemed more into me than she was Adam. She brushed my hair
for like 15 minutes, all the while saying how pretty it was
and how much she loved me. Then she was just...so cool.
Josh was a little weird, but only at the bowling alley,
once we got home, he was same old josh again...just like
before. Becky was the only one who REALLY pissed me off.
She's the type who flaunts herself on every and anything.
It was really quite discusting how she saw adam's party as
a contest, whoever flirts most wins...well, that's not
true, Becky cuz I guess you've been flirting for a while
and he still says no...funny, huh?
At the bowling alley, I felt left out cuz I'm older than
everyone (except josh) and I'm from a differnt time... a
time where you do not flaunt yourself in front of a boy's
exgirlfriend...but in a way, I'm not that. I am just his
best friend...and I kinda like that. The kind of best
friend you see in the movies laying on the boy's bed,
talking about heartache, and betrayal on the OTHER GUYS'
part...not endless tears shed for a purposless cause. Last
night, I played adam's guitar(the electric one,
vicki...stop that) and sat on his bed with corinne and
talked and rolled around in the aroma of his pillows...i
love how he smells more than anything else...ah well.
I got the notebooks back and I wrote him a long letter about regrets
and shit like that. But mostly, I just read over the past 2
years...i can't believe it's already been almost 3 years! christ time
flies. we've both changed a lot in that time and some of it is for
the best some not, oh well...you take what you get and you make the
best of it.
I'm gonna go get ready for the art thingy...
Love, Luck and Lollipops!