good times, good times
2001-07-26 05:20:45 (UTC)

the rundown

it's been a while since i wrote. so much has happened, but i
dont' want to write about all of it. i guess i'll just lay
down the basics like i always do.

* m'randa came to wf today. we ate at bennigans, and she
came over and we talked forever. i really really really miss

* grant has been dismissed because he's a baby and he cant
handle that i like lance...alot. he bugged me all weekend,
and finally i had enough. also lots of people told me he was
bad for me and that i could do better. since there were so
many i decided to believe em.

* i went to graham central station with lance and his friend
last friday. i also watched road trip with him at his
friends house. good kisser as well!!

* mom's not really mad at me bout the whole 3:30 am thing.
she and the girls came to town and we went and saw legally
blonde. (it was really funny) she was really nice and even
gave me gas money!

* i may get an apartment this winter with megan and gina!
that'll be cool if it works out

* i've been offered a job at a physical therapist's office.
mom's old boyfriend's sister told her to ask me if i was
interested. i'm sposed to call her and find out all the
details on friday or saturday. that'll be good cuz i could
work every day after school instead of nights and weekends.

that's all i got for now

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