starry nite

my own world
2002-09-22 15:39:13 (UTC)

"You have too much fun" :)

ha, thats what one of the guys working at the show last
nite said to me. "you have too much fun" :) i laughed.

the show was fucking awesome!! I crowd surfed a bunch of
times which was really fun, i havent done that in a long
time. The group there was different then at regular
hardcore shows due to 6 feet under being there. there were
a lot more "metal heads" and people like, that i used to
see at the concerts i used to go to(coal
chamber...rammestein....ozzfest, that type of music) there
were less straightedges. that was the part i didnt like. i
hate when people drink at concerts/shows. they act so
stupid and piss people off. but anyway, enough negative. it
was great

people were coming up to me telling me they saw me crowd
surfing and that i was cool and stuff. i was amused, it
made me happy though. its like, shows are just so amazing.
i feel completely happy there. hatebreed played "conceived
through an act of violence" i was suprised but wicked happy.
i went nuts when they played "before dishonor" i was so
into and crowd surfing like crazy. my energy totally
drained from that, but it was totally worth it.

this one guy saw steve and josiah kept picking me up so i
could crowd surf and he came over to me and said next time
i wanted to get up i could get on his back and jump off.
that was even better cuz i got launched further and was up
longer. it was nice of him.

during 6 fee under, one of the security gaurds yelled at me
one time when i went over the barrier and told me not to
crowd surf anymore. so i decided to stop, so i wouldnt get
kicked out. then i decided i would crowd surf during the
last hatebreed song since they were the last band. so, i
told steve "im gonna crowd surf during the last song, so if
i get kicked out i'll meet you at the car when its over"
and he laughed and said "i have one question, will you
marry me?...cuz that is the coolest i have ever heard a
girl say" it was funny. he also said he saw me rocking it
while i was crowd surfing and that, that was awesome and
that i really should learn how to dance. i want to, i would
love to do it, but i dont think i will. the other thing
about last nite was there were way more people moshing then
dancing, and i love watching the hardcore dancing not the
moshing.(another thing that showed they were rock/metal
type of people cuz thats what happens at those shows. well,
either way it was an amazing nite

Dennys....we went to dennys afterwards. it was fun, kinda.
i mean it didnt compare to the show obviously but it was
better then just going right home. and i was starving by
the end of the show. our waiter was really nice, you could
tell he was new and kinda nervous but he was such a nice
kid. we made sure to leave a good tip. anyway, i cant wait
to go to another i love when i get to go to
great shit like that. :) yay! so far this school year,
though i have had my downs, has been better then last year.
i have been keeping myself busy...thats the key. and i have
gotten to hang out with different people. hopefully things
will stay this way.

now today i must do homework and clean great grandmas
house...not so fun, but not too bad either. once i get to
her house and start it will be ok, its just getting up the
momentum to start.