2002-09-22 14:38:13 (UTC)

sunday mornin. 10:16 am. music: dmb- granny

i dont even know why i decided to make one of these things,
i just thought it'd be somethin to keep me busy. i doubt
people will even read it, but oh well. its sunday mornin,
and i hate wakin up tired but i cant go back to sleep. this
weekend was alright, the party on friday was pretty good
and lasted longer than i thought it would. i was happy
that i got to smoke with jen. =) and i was really happy
that they're was no soccer the next mornin, cause we won
our game against new hyde park i think it was. yesterday i
went to the mall with jess breanne laura and leyla.. didnt
get anything though. than we came back to my house and went
to get our alchol from the bush, cause thats where breanne
put it last weekend, haah and luckily it was still there.
after that baca called and told her to meet us at empire
cause her and maria were there, so i went to see dina,
since i wont be able to see her for a really long time =(
fuckin idiot. i miss zso too, shes so close to me but i
cant walk over and see her. After we saw the bacas, we went
to bonanzas to visit hoyt and gillian, but hoyt had just
left, so we talked to gillian for a little. after that we
walked back to bre's house, and from there i went home,
cause my gma thinks i'm a crazy druggie and doesnt allow me
out. and for those people who think i do coke- fuck you
cause i dont. but yea, my gma found a pack two packs of
cigarettes in my bag, and suprisingly she didnt even say
anything. the last time she found a pack in my bag, i said
they were zsofis.. but i didnt even have to say anything
this time cause she didnt ask me about it. i'm gonna stop
soon, cause it's too bad. and my brother yelled at me for
it. but anyway, i'm gonna go cause i think i'm gonna sleep
my day away....

"sometimes i feel like i'm falling... fall back again, fall
back again.. fall back again...fall back again.." -dmb