I Debbie...
2001-07-26 04:50:49 (UTC)

Signs Of A Brave New World....

About a week ago I asked God for signs that O had made the
right choice leaving the safe confines of Foleys and going
to Zales. You know I have sold more and more consistantly
than I have in a long while and I do love the challenge. It
is in the knowing that I am learning alot every day. I told
Tara tonight and she agrees with me. In a way she is better
my equal than Janet. I love both of them but I can be more
myself around Tara because she has made mistakes too and is
more accepting versus Janet who seems more idealic and on a
pedistal. J seems like she ecpects others around her to be
like her and I know that this can not be tha case because we
are all different. It would be so strange if we were alike.
I had better go ...don't want to wake up Brian!!!
I Debbie