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2002-09-22 13:05:58 (UTC)

time for the truth?

Greetings Scorpio, Your horoscope for the 22nd of

Mars squares with Pluto today so I feel that during this
Autumn Equinox you may want to come to terms with
what the truth means to you. I feel that it's wise to come
to terms with who you really are. Allow a good sense of
confidence to inspire you at this time. You'll find that
independence and an analytical perspective will help
you out now. Hold on to what is important and avoid
giving up your values when times get tough they will
carry you though.

i'm not too big on horoscopes... i just sometimes like to
compare them to reality... it's crazy how close to the
truth this one is... what do you think? time for the truth, or no?
gosh, i don't know...

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