2001-07-26 04:43:17 (UTC)


This morning, a little before 5, my mom came and told me I
had to go to sleep. So instead, I got my grungey army green
bag and left. I walked to the shopping center about 1/2 a
mile away from my house and it was completely dark outside.
Some dude with bad grammer yelled from his car, "Hey, um,
girl, I know you ain't out to go to no job! Heheh.
Tweaker!!!", and suddenly it hit me how foolish I was to be
out there completely alone in total darkness. So I walked
quickly to the doughnut shop, which opens really early. The
place was packed full of cops...I should've known. I got my
coffee and drank it outside so they wouldn't bother me. One
did anyway though. He asked me question after question
like "Why are you so lucky to be out at this time of the
morning?" and "Do your parents know where you are?". I just
said I'd go back home now so he'd leave me alone. And I
did. And I slept. Then later that day I went to Sharon's
house and we walked to the college where Michelle goes to
summer school. She pointed out her new dude and we spied on
him for a minute. Then we got coffee and walked around. It
was really good to see both of them. After Michelle left,
Sharon and I went to the Asian food store and then were
hanging out in the park by her house until night time. The
boredom makes us act like freaks for entertainment. Some
bike boys annoyed us too, and Sharon yelled at them. Hehe.
Now I'm back home (obviously).