Kitty Maxwell

Sea of Ice
2001-07-26 04:21:54 (UTC)

just a side note...

there really isnt any reason to steel my charictors or
dreams so please leave them be!

Out line
Kaminora: is the princess of the planet Jupiter. She is a
sweet girl, with a dangerous split personality! Once she
changes into Neo Sailor Jupiter, she one Bitch you wont
want to mess with!
Herashino(Shino-kun):Is Kaminora'sstupid older shorter
brother. He is the crown prince of the planet Jupiter. He
is also an exspert marcial artist! and once he becomes
Ranger Knight Jupiter... Hes another person to keep your
distance from!
Setsuno: is the brains of the set. He is the most logical
thinker next to his one and only love Koriana! He is the
crown prince of the planet Pluto. And with his powers to
control time and you mind Ranger Knight Pluto is one of our
Jikonchi: is our blinde friend who is tuffer than she seems!
She is Setsuno's older sister by two minets. hER OTHER HALF
IS Neo Sailor Pluto! Princess of Pluto!
Nikkaro: Is Kaminora's love... And as the son of the Queen
of Venus they were destined to be together! Ranger Knight
Venus is a bright fighter with a personality to match.
Koriana: is Neo Sailor Mercury. she is also the love of Setsuno's
life! and the crown princess of the planet Murcury!! With her ice
bubbles she'll freze you untill next thursday!
thats all for now! exsept Jade! shes my villen! she is the daughter
of a beautiful evil queen named Emerald. but the sad part is she
inharited her really annoying high pitched laugh!! to bad so sad for