my life...
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2001-07-26 04:09:59 (UTC)


Dear Diary~
Today was such a good day. I had an interview @ offica max
at 3:30. It was short, but I think it went well. I hope I
got it. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I really need the
money, so anyways, one of my best friends,Amy drove me up
there and then she went with me to get my nails done. She
insisted on going to parma town, which I was cool with.
After she was done, she suggested that we call Mike since
we were like 5 minutes from his house. At first I was like
hell no. I mean he hadn't called me today and he had said
that he wanted to do something when he was off, but then I
was like I kind of miss him Everytime I call him
though, I feel like I am bugging him and scaring him off.
So anyways, I call him and I get his machine, but I was
talking and then he picks up. So we stopped over and we
stood in front of his house for a while since we are all so
damn indecisive. Then, we left and drove to Amy's. We
stopped at a park to eat pizza and then came back to my
house. I showed Mike my room and he like flipped on how
many posters of the Backstreet Boys I actually have. LOL
Him and I can talk for hours and it seems like seconds. We
talk about everything. I don't know what is going to happen
with us. Amy says that we are so cute together and that he
is a sweetie. I can not express how happy I am with my life
right now. I am having so much fun. The things I have been
doing are like normal, but they seem so much better for
once. I have amazing friends,amazing family,and I am
friends with the most amazing guy in the world. Only time
will tell what is going to happen with Mike and I. For once
though, it's like I can be myself around a guy. I always
used to act to fit in. Mike is so different and I love that.