Life Sux Then You Die
2001-07-26 04:05:15 (UTC)

Day: 17

Why do they have to be such bitches? I dont know, they are
though. I am definatly NOT doing anything else for them,
they can bute me. i am talking about cheerleaders if you
were wondering. Them and their damn pompoms and their
stupid yelling...and their stupid jumping up and down and
their stupid chants. Chupo mi juevo izquerdo, puntas!
Cheerleading is bullshit...Smelly and two-faced. Who gives
a fuck if you can jump up and down? School spirit should be
something everyone and anyone can do. Don't get me wrng. I
do have spirit...but for the other team, If you are a
cheerleader, shut-up and suck it. Its my opinion so :Þ on

I can't believe my neighbors moved...I am gonna miss them.
We have their address and email so we can keep in touch. I
am gonna miss their dogs. I am gonna miss Jamie running up
our driveway half-naked, smiling and giggling. I am gonna
miss their blue grass music...their singing in their
band...their tye-dye shirts...them..They are one of the
coolest people I know(older and non-family)!! They are not
even in their mid 30's yet! Am I gonna miss them! They are
gonna send pictures and stuff so that will be cool.
Hopefully when I get a car I can drive out there and visit.
My cousin Kayla was friends with cassidy...poor kayla...

I have a splitting headache...I wrote this entry on paper
first and then typed it up. I finally put the silver bar on
my letter jacket. I banged on my key board(my neighbor gave
that to me) and then read some of Flowers for algernon. I
like that book. I got bored and started writing. My black pen ran out
on the first sentence so I grabbed this damn pink pen

I want a boyfriend...I see people holding hands and kissing in the
halls of school. Its lonely. Definatly Lonely ;_; sadness... I dont
think I am pretty like some girls...but then again I dont always feel
ugly. Its the hellhols in between. I want someone to love, to know
the feeling of being loved. I dream and think of finally getting a for prom...some guy dropping me off...walking me to the
garage...kissing me i want that. Loneliness is no fun
at all.

Friday I am spending a whole day with my sisters. ^_^ fun We are
gonna go to 6 flags over georgia. fun fun. I want to ride the
Arachniphobia(sp). Your feet dangle and you tilt and free fall 20
stories! Goodtimes ^_^ When I type this I will be talking to ben on
the im. Hi Ben! I know your reading this ^_^ Goodtimes well...I
haven't talked to my friend arthur since the week I left to New
York...Which was at the end of june...hope he's ok. And my offline
friend anthony..he hasnt called me. Our friend britany called me. She
sawed a phonebook in half ^^;;;;

Feel free to send me feedback. Just scrool down and write me a short
message...Telling me what you like/dislike/feel/etc. about my diary.
I dont care. My diary may seem boring...but ur the one who read it in
the first place. Well...I only have two sheets of paper and I am
almost done with the backside of the second sheet. Only 3 more
lines...till all gone. 2 more lines...I hate colleged rule
paper...has to be wide more room to write....

Ok..Now I am typing the rest. I am watching P B and J on the disney
channel. Jelly has to wear a cool suit so she can open presents and
see her friends. Tootsie and Pootsie let her wear it ^_^ hehehe Hey u
shut-up...nothing else is on. ^_^;;;; Well...I have MSN Instant
Messanger and AOL instant messanger(AIM) AIM/MSN me anytime ^_^ MSN:
[email protected] AIM: Noliegeorge6

well...I will write more tomorrow...bye bye