When you wish upon a star
2002-09-22 05:29:07 (UTC)

because im bored.

im a little annoyed. i wrote a really good entry on Digital
expressions, and no one has visited my diary. my hit meter
has been at 973 for the past hour or so. and, so far i have
no messages for this diary either. i was watching the miss
america pagent, but i got bored. so now its just you, me,
and our computers.

Im writing a screenplay. yes, you should care. Its my way
out of this hell hole. In four years im going to send it
out to every movie production company i can. Its about a
girl who leaves her best friend and would be love to go in
search of herself and learns she never had to leave in the
first place. It has a much richer plot though, that
involves a rock group, a manipulitive older woman, a last
minute proposal/non proposal, a wedding dress, a drug
detox, a car accident, and a sword fight. The sword fight
is actually really good. Its between the girl and this guy
that really hates her and kicks her ass at it, almost
killing her. I plan to sell this movie for little or no
money, become a producer of it, cast myself in it, and have
a say in the rest of the cast. I know that sounds selfish
but actually, ill work for free, and ill work me beam end
off getting it financed and helping the actors out and
stuff. So, it evens out. Heres who i would cast.
Dylan(would be love): John francis daley/kieran culkien.
Tony:(best friend): Jake Gylanhaal/Elijah wood
Amanda(older woman): Mena Suvari, Jennifer Love Hewitt,
Christtina Ricci.

So, wish me luck on that one. ive discovered over the years
that if you want to fool people into thinking your movie is
really good even if it sucks, you need to do three things.
1. have some really good one liners. A line that leaves the
audience in shock, that is perfectly orchestrated.
2. have a really good dream sequence.
3. And this is the most important, have someone break
something. Im Beautiful Mind, Jennifer Connaly has that
hissy fit and breaks the bathroom mirror. Im American
Beauty, Kevin Spacy throws a plate of asparagus against the
wall. In In the bedroom, Sissy spacek breaks a dish against
the table.

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