Finding my Light
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2002-09-22 04:51:20 (UTC)


Well, I guess I'm maturing more again. I'm in Havasu
now and I saw Nick. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I
still love that boy very much still. It was hard seeing
him though. I so-o badly wanted to kiss him, but I knew I
couldn't. I miss him so much.
Anyway though I have a new way of thinking about Havasu
boys. I can't get attached to any of them. The are just
my friends and nothing else. It really doesn't make it any
easier, but I does help knowing that it will get easier.
I really hope I see Kyle while I'm here. I feel bad
for being so-o mean to him in the past. I don't know if
he'll forgive me for it, but I'm going to papolgies
anyway. I have to at least try right? I have to remember
that his life hasn't been as easy as mine is and that he's
going to have a harder time dealing with things.
I wish I could see my two David also. That would be
really nice, but I'm not totally counting on it. Things
are different here now for me...and I kind of wish it would
go back to normal.
In a way this is good because now I love home more. I
miss my really good friend Kristen very much amd I miss all
my other friends. I love how my senior year is going and I
can't wait for the future. I hope it will only get better
and better.