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My Affairs with MARRIED WOMEN
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2002-09-22 04:15:08 (UTC)

Secret Affairs with Married Women Section 1 Part F

Well I had a very nice surprise tonight! The bitch down
stairs from me Holly must have read my mind. At 8pm she
knocked on my door wearing just a Snoopy night shirt
holding her pillow and asked if she could spend the night?
I Hugged her in my arms and told her I had been wishing
and dreaming of being with her for months. I told her she
could forget all her fuck buddies after night! We went
into my Love chamber and she had no idea how beautiful it
was. I help her in bed removing her night shirt and taking
in her young beautiful creamy soft teenage body!

My cock was still sore after the great fucking Karen had
given me! It ached and trobbed to feel the warm young
tight wetness of Holly's pussy. I went down and began to
eat her pussy licking up her vaginal juices as she wiggled
and moaned in her approaching orgasm. I told her to let
her soul cry out don't hold it back. Her pussy was small
and tight. As much as she fucks I was quite surprise how
tiny her pussy was. Then I pulled out my vibrating egg and
worked on her clitty as I tongued and licked her pussy
send her off into the land of orgasm!

I place three pillows under her butt and on my knees I
inserted my cock holding her legs looking at her oh so
creamy beautiful young face! Holly cried out, "Oh yes fuck
me, fuck me as good as you can I want to know how good you
are!" I bent her legs and knees pushing her legs to her
chest I drove in deep inside her as I told her I wanted to
get her pregnant with my baby an take care of her! Holly
grabbed her knees as I began my rhythmic motion. Driving
as deep into her as I could stopping pressing firmly
against her as my cock throbbed and pulsated to her. Then
slowly pulling back till just my head was in her then
stroking my cock rhythmically some more then stop again
inside her making her orgasm.

I asked her, "Is this what your wanting honey?" Holly
nodded and yelped, "You mean it you will take care if me
if I have your baby?" I stroked my cock back and forth and
said, "Yes, That would make me so wonderfully happy taking
care of you while your pregnant!" Holly wailed and moaned
as her orgasms were coming closer and more intense. I
asked her if she wanted to have a baby and she nodded as
she cummed.

Then I pulled out her legs and laid on top of her as she
wrapped her legs and arms around me. We fucked for another
twenty minutes then blasted her with a big spurt of semen
and still continued stroking my cock working my spewing
semen into her womb. Holly cryied out, as I cummed to
her, "Oh yes give my a baby, oh yes do it!" Soon she was
completely orgasmic pounding away in her for another
fifteen minutes till I forced myself to shoot another cun
wad into her.

As my cock became limp, I whipped out my 10 inch silcone
vibrating dildo and began giving her a good work out as he
continued to cum. Finally after ten minutes she said she
couldn't take any more. I stopped and got a wet wash cloth
and placed it on her tired pussy and she fell asleep.

Now I am hard again and wanting a lot more of this young
beautiful girl.


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