I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-09-22 03:51:01 (UTC)

Still Alive

Nope. Not dead. Dead tired maybe, but still breathing.
Work is fine I suppose. My legs really hurt, but I have
tomorrow off, and Monday as well so that's good. Then 3
days of work, then flying to DC on Friday. Lovely. I'm

Family is out of town for the night, and I'm enjoying the
quiet time by myself. It's lovely.

Tomorrow I am going to Arabian Knights, a live dinner show
kinda thingy. I believe that whatever proceedes they get
tomorrow go to the Special Olympics. I was invited by
Eden, a family friend who has Fragile X Syndrome. She's
17, but probably functions on the 8 or 9 year old level.
She's so sweet and great fun and I'm honored that I'm the
one she wants to go with. So I'm driving us tomorrow. Her
parents would have gone, but they had something or other
come up. So I'm going instead.

Okay, short entry. And Mackenzie, I read every one. I have
just been too tired (or too lazy) to write you a note. I'm
proud of you for wanting to help your family. You have a
good and kind soul and will do what is best. I have faith
in that and in you as well. You are a wonderful teacher
and have changed the lives of the kids you have taught.
They will remember you for the rest of their lives.


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