Day to Day
2001-07-26 03:24:16 (UTC)

contemplating . . .

. . . that is exactly what I am doing. What the hell am I
supposed to do about Jeff? This song, "complicated" , is
exactly what is on my mind, *see last entry*. Should I call
him? Ok, I'm gonna stop because I am scaring myself, I
can't like him this much!
Ok, *trying to get mind off of Jeff*, today was the usual.
I worked 10-5 and then went to Mike's and smoked (I am
pretty high at the moment) I came home earlier tonight,
around 1030 or so, that is weird that I havn't had any 2 or
3 AM nights out. Whatever. I rolled the nicest joint today,
I took it to Mike's hoping I could smoke it with Jeff or at
least Mike Gohn, but i was forced to smoke with Mike L.,
Hannah, Dan, and Sarah G. I didn't really mind smoking with
that group, except for Hannah. She is being weird, I know
she is about to pull some stunt with Jeff because she knows
I like him. Ok somehow I am back on that subject so I'm
leaving before I let loose. I have the munchies newayz.
night -brit