The Nightshade Princess
2002-09-22 03:10:32 (UTC)


I can't quite explain everything now, but I am so
scared for LesTaT... Something has come up... I tried to
call him earlier and then I get online and I get that
email... I hope he's ok. LesTaT, if your reading this,
remember that I love you, and know that I am overjoyed to
hear that everything worked itself out. I don't know
what to say, my mind is spinning and words fail me.

I had originally logged on to tell everyone that my
prom dress has just been purchased. It is an old wedding
dress in perfect condition. It is very beautiful and fits
me more perfectly than anything I've ever worn... as though
it were made for my tiny frame. It's appearance is
ghostly, almost doll-like in it's empire waist, full
skirts, and sheer-ruffled glory. The white seems to glow
in contrast to my raven hair and skin the colour of milk.
I can't think of anything except that something is
wrong... I wouldn't be so worried if it weren't for the
fact that I've been having an irrational fear of losing him
somehow lately. I need to go now.. perhaps I will stop
worrying so badly...