*~My Diary~*
2001-07-26 03:08:51 (UTC)

Hey Long Time No talk

hahah..Hey Guys whats up? Nudda here..Just chillen chillen.
Nothing really new and exciting goin on right now..i go to
summer school chill with friends..Me and my friend Jacka
have been gettin close lately were like wicked good friends
me and dina and tiff we be chillen alot too..we used to
always chill with our boys jesse donald and chad but i dont
really talk to them NeMore..cus they just retarted at the
moment..haha..Me and Falon and Heather have been chillen
too..Heather goes out with my X andrew..I am happy for
them, i am glad that he is happy:o). I still got feelings
for him but not enough to go back with him. I like this Kid
sorry cant say names here..I dont even know him
really..well actually i dont know him at all..but i see him
all the DAMN is he Fine!! LOL..One of these days i
am just gonna go up to him..hah YA RIGHT!!PLLLEEAASE me do
that HellZ no!!i would but i am too chicken. Ne Ways
tonight was pretty fun near the end ..i went to school
today..haha thats always Fun..NOT!! then came home just
chilled here and then went to work from 3 to 8 damn that
was along time for me lol..THen i came here just chilled
and then took a walk up to my friend Fe's house we saw amy
and her on the way and we went drivin around..we stopped at
my friend dannys house we chilled there for a lil bit and
then i came home..and now i am writtin to you..FUN FUN
FUN!! lol..well thats about it for all i gotta say for now
I am Outty TTYL